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Quantumin Plus, short for (Quantum Minerals) is Filipino-made, mineral-rich food supplement made available especially for adult and youngsters alike. It's one of a kind that boasts increased mineral levels and detoxifying components like zeolite and fulvic substance.

key-points of minerals

fulvic and humic substances

  • Natural, ionic molecules recognized as one of the key elements in modern scientific breakthroughs this 21st century for its reversal, prevention of diseases, and maintenance of good health
  • Created by microbial activity and synthesis at the roots of plants which is a by-product of dissolved and converted metallic substances and clay-based mineral-rich compounds.
  • Eases transit of bio-molecules to cells making it more efficient in mineral/vitamin distribution all over the body.
  • One fulvic molecule carries sixty (60) or more minerals and some trace elements into the cell.

Courier Packaging & Shipping Rates

a. documents (n-pouch)
regular - 06.5" x 11.0" can hold up to 500g 160.00
extra large - 09.5" x 14.0" can hold up to 1kg 200.00
super size - 12.0" x 18.0" can hold up to 2kg 230.00
b. parcel (n-pack)
small - 09.5" x 14.0" can hold up to 3kg 250.00
large - 12.0" x 18.0" can hold up to 3kg 300.00
c. general cargo (using client packaging)
first 3kg 320.00
additional kg or a fraction thereof 100.00
d. kilobox
note: an additional charge of Php 100 for every kg or any fraction thereof in excess on top of the original weighed item(s).
kilobox 3
kilobox 5
kilobox 10
kilobox 20

Overseas delivery is not yet available, as we are currently collaborating with the modes of delivery to other courier services that can handle international parcels.