What are Minerals?

Minerals are essential to build and repair body tissues and are vital  to all physical and mental processes. They are as important as our need for oxygen to sustain life. Our daily foods now are deficient in minerals because of the rampant use of fertilizers, pesticides, food additives and preservatives. If we do not take sufficient mineral supplements daily, our general health will gradually decline and we will develop chronic diseases, such as anemia (Iron), Rickets (Calcium) and goiter (Iodine), diabetes (Vanadium and Chromium), heart diseases (calcium and magnesium), arthritis (sulfur, calcium and boron), stroke (copper) and even the  dreaded CANCER.

What are Fulvic and Humic Substances?

Fulvic  and  humic  are natural ionic molecules recognized as one   of the key  elements  in many scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century for   the    reversal and    prevention   of disease and maintenance of good   health.    They   are  created by  microbial  activity  at the roots of  plants   which  dissolve   and  convert  the metallic and clay based mineral  to organic and bio available minerals. It makes the cell  walls more   permeable   allowing   the   nutrients to   enter  the  cell readily and  the  toxins  to  exit effectively.  One single molecule of fulvic molecule carries 60  or  more  minerals  and  trace  elements into the cell.

What is Zeolite?

Natural   zeolite   forms   where  volcanic  and  ash  layers  react   with alkaline   ground   water.    Zeolites  are  also  deposited  over  periods ranging   from  thousands  to millions of years in shallow marine basins. It  is  a mineral  with micro-porous “open” structure that accommodates minerals  like  sodium,  calcium, magnesium, potassium and these are readily   exchanged   inside  the  body  with  toxins  and heavy metals making zeolite a powerful detoxifier.

What is the difference of Quantumin plus with the other mineral drops?

It is the only mineral supplement with proprietary blend of fulvic, humic substances  and  zeolite  which  controls  and  prevents  diseases.   It’s alkalinity is  compatible with  human tissues that direct application into the  mouth  or   in   the  eyes  will   not  result  in  adverse  effects.    The special  process called  Quantum Potentiation  activates  and  transforms each  nutrient/minerals  to  bio-energized  form that even  a few drops will give beneficial effects and overdose is unheard of.

Fulvic   content  further  increased  the bio-availability of the nutrients. The energized zeolite can do detoxification at an amazing speed and even in areas difficult to reach like the brain and nervous system.


* Energizes and balances electrical potential at  the cellular level.
* Detoxifies the different organs of various chemicals like
   pesticides, radioactive elements  and other pollutants.
* Alkalinizer to neutralize body acids, stomach acids.
* Chelates heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadium, etc.
* Increases amount of oxygen in the blood.
* Transports nutrients right into the cells.
* Increases absorb ability of other nutrients and medicines.
* Promotes mental clarity and sense of  well being.
* Improves enzyme production and activity.
* Contains antibiotic effects without developing resistant strains
   even on prolonged use.
* Neutralizes free radicals.
* Normalizes the immune system function.
* Helps fight common illnesses and chronic disease like: